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Warning: Contact Tracing Apps are suspect Attention US Citizens, Blacksburg, VA residents, Virginia Tech Students, Virginia residents all Covid-19 tracing apps infringe

By Darel L. Long


October 10, 2020


Warning: Never download Contact Tracing apps.  If you have, delete them. Big tech, local governments, and colleges are currently supporting the use of contact tracing apps. Contract tracing apps are nothing more than a mechanism to track your movements, and yours with others, in groups.  The apps have begun to reveal the true nature of design; some colleges outside of the NRV are now using them to limit movement within designated area to include only approved business for college students.  Please tell others to delete, or never download, anything that can track your movements.

Sources within Virginia Tech and the Town of Blacksburg, VA, both confirm support for Contact Tracing.  In a recent article titled Contact tracing app near launch of Virginia as Congress calls for privacy protections bears points the article says.  Further, quoting State Health Commissioner Dr. Noman Oliver, “When ‘COVIDWISE’ launches, those who test positive will be asked by contact tracers to download the app.  If they agree, they will be given a six-digit pin that they are in charge of entering.  It’s completely opt-in.  You can quit at any time and turn off the app.” Oliver says it’s uses Bluetooth technology; no location data or personal information to notify other devices that have also downloaded the app of potential exposure.

Oliver tries to reassure the citizens of the use of a six-digit pin for contact users.  Who cares if the Virginia Department of Heath demands it app using a six-digit pin? Tracing and tracking the population undermines the value of our constitution at the very core.

In summary, Oliver states the app uses Bluetooth technology and not location software.  This statement alone doesn’t stand up to logic or reason.  If the sole purpose is to track contacts of Covid-19, then the only way to accomplish the goal is for the app to report the findings amid groups and people in passing.  Any software developer for apps understands the common smart device application.  It’s one thing to say the Bluetooth Contact Tracing Software doesn’t have a backdoor to communicate with the location, but he never confirmed in the article any restrictions which he should have advocated, and thus the functionality is questionable at best.

Any app, once synced to Bluetooth connectivity, can easily join data location with the actual phone data reporting.  The GPS reporting software is rather complex. There are many ways for personal location to be reported including frequency.  The owner of the phone has no idea how much data is reported to Google or Apple by virtue of apps you may or may not recall downloading.  Some 20 years ago, location and GPS information embedded in personal devices were accurate within 1 foot of one’s present location; now it is within inches. To validate this point, simply log into your device and track your next intended destination and find out how many feet you are within the next turn.  If you are tracking your destination, you are being tracked by AI software and much more, every single day. Contact tracing works similarly.

If does appear the Virginia Department of Health, and the State Health Commissioner, Dr. Noman Oliver, is following a rigid answer about the Bluetooth functionality of contact tracing.  He is doing this while omitting basic facts of apps and tracing to avoid backlash once the people realize the proposed app communicates with your device.  This can sync your data with data location across various smart devices.  You are being tracked.

While congress may rightfully assert privacy issues, the issue is much larger than privacy, and is solely based on life, liberty and freedom.

Why is the town of Blacksburg, Virginia, is the mayor’s office and elected officials supporting new mandates after the curve has been flattened?  Of course, cases are higher after more testing results have been known to provide false information.  The real question is: Why are they doing this when America recently withdraw from the WHO for not being open and frank about the Chinese Virus, or if you prefer a more political phrase: Covid-19?

How soon until the town council demands contract tracing apps for all of its citizens, as they have engrossedly mandated masked worn downtown on public sidewalks, in public open space?

The people of Virginia have grown doubtful of Virginia Department of Health with its far overreaching recommendations and mandates.  More recently, a stated goal forced inoculations. We naturally must doubt the true intent of contact tracing and should have a citizen review board for any contact tracing application before it’s encouraged or forced upon the citizens.

Have the politicians, the mayor’s office of Blacksburg, the Virginia State Health Department, and much of the United States fallen to dictates and mandates from foreign influence such as the WHO and United Nations?  I say we have.  When, as citizens, have we ever been told the Health Department of Virginia may force Vaccine inoculation on its people?  Have we entered a Medical Dictatorship?  If so, what must WE THE PEOPLE DO ABOUT IT?

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