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Introducing: Darel Lynwood Long, entrepreneur and writer. Mr. Darel L. Long’s personal website highlights uniquely written articles in support of liberty, entrepreneurship, and upcoming announcements for two important inventions and ventures in 2022.



By. Darel L. Long

February 7, 2022


To my American Family and citizens of the world:

My name is Darel Lynwood Long and welcome to my domain of independence and free thought. My pronouncement supports Life, Liberty, and Freedom. I have no problem with chastising ideas, theories, or actions which oppose our birthright.

Life, Liberty and Freedom Vs. Evil

Life, Liberty, and Freedom now weigh in the balance as socialism, progressivism, and Marxism is celebrated among echo chambers from the left. America is also being destroyed within from the globalist wing of the GOP, namely Rhino’s, Neoconservatives, and Big Government republicans. We often see their ideologies combining with their shake down of America while WE THE PEOPLE suffer. The central planning grows now under unnecessary mandates and dictates that are oppressive to the American people.

Blind Card-Carrying Members of the GOP

As a patriot, I’ve personally failed to warn more citizens as I attempted to sound the warning bell amongst the GOP who were “Blind Card-Carrying Members of the GOP.”  Overall, the GOP has failed to safeguard our liberties. It appears many within the GOP, much like the left, have benefited from COVID business relationships, whether it be related to stocks or information. This is the single greatest reason the GOP didn’t respond like a “boss” to restore our republic in the early days of 2019.

We the People Must Advance the Tenth Amendment to End Mandates and Other Unconstitutional Negligence 

Those of us who truly support Life, Liberty, and Freedom can come together to support the Tenth Amendment to curtail tyranny. None of the former or current GOP leadership is urging support of the Tenth Amendment, which is a true antidote to tyranny. This can be accomplished under peaceful accord and exercised across this great land to help end mandates. It would place the federal government in check to nullify any nonsense seen in our republic.

We Must Advance Freedom of Information Act Requests

I’ve decided to send formal FOIA requests to GOP members first to find out the financial relationships between the GOP members and Covid pharmaceuticals or stocks. If any exist, I will expose them, regardless of who they are. I’ll start with my current congressman first, then with former President Trump, and others. I will issue a formal “Mailed Letter” which includes an address for my private request, and an online version without my contact address. I will also tweet to former chief of staffs, and the actual elected officials. I will mail the formal letter for compliance and of a source of record.

We must remember they must comply with our formal FOIA demands. You can submit your own FOIA request with issues which concern you. We can inform ourselves and turn off the media.

2020 Election

I’ve reflected since the 2020 election and realize we must not expect one person to help win on a national level to restore liberty due to the absence of important required action prior to election. To restore free speech, there is much work to be done. The appropriate action should have been taken prior to the 2020 election.

The Great Truth: Our Birthright and the Tenth Amendment

We must hold in our hands the great truth our founders provided as part of our birthright. And we must capitalize on ending tyranny peacefully by securing in our hearts, our minds, and our steadfast actions to use the Tenth Amendment. Our window of opportunity to use the Tenth Amendment is closing. Once our nation is overwhelmed with an elevated level of tyranny, the elites intend to use marshal law, poverty, and even war as the end game. Let it be claimed by freedom loving Americans to go forth and teach the Tenth Amendment and by action, challenge our localities and states with the simple pronouncement to pursue the Tenth Amendment as a bold action. Enough is enough!

Drain the Swamp? Include the Tenth Amendment

Since 2016, we’ve heard the phrases “lock-her-up” and “drain the swamp” many times. For four years we watched the media attack Life, Freedom, and Liberty without a constitutional plan promoted by the GOP to run with. To win across our great country and without utilizing the Tenth Amendment, many joined a false PSYOP which encoded a silly phrase “Watch the Move.” Action to use the Tenth Amendment scares the elites and the political class, and rightfully so.

As a writer, I began reviewing inconsistent Covid Data

As a writer, I’ll begin investigating data obtained from the Freedom of Information Requests and post them as breaking news. I will share a unique perspective with my political opinions and promote solutions when possible. The opinions, solutions, and articles are formed from the perspective of a patriot in support of Free Enterprise and Limited Government.

Are you a card-carrying member of the Bill of Rights and Constitution or a Blind-Card-Carrying Member of the GOP?

I provide no blind allegiance to any politician nor political party. As patriots, we must always be vigilant citizens and oppose any political leader if they should dive into tyranny or oppose the Bill of Rights and Constitution. We must especially oppose all harm directed to our children, our compatriots, and our military members. This includes harm created by unproven vaccines and/or ideologies which are counter to our birthright.

With all sincerity, we should be card carrying members of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and we should never hold blind loyalty to any political party, a single president candidate, local including local or state elected officials. Doing so ensures our pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Freedom is secure and the frailty of blind-loyalty is less likely to weaken our future. Since most of us have been previously or currently supporters of one of the leaders in charge, we have placed our republic at risk, and we must pursue all peaceful actions to undermine the plot to destroy America.

Help Expand my Reach

It’s my hope you can help expand my reach, help promote my free email list and sign up for information which ensures the reader for the first opportunity to receive articles. You may also choose my Substack account newsletter titled “Bold Pronouncements” Your invited to support my work at Substack for free or a small $5.00 per month. Articles include Covid, Misplaced History, Pro-life, Parental Alienation, breaking news from FOIA requests, political opinions, and things the mainstream media refuse to report on. Fewer articles will include bold pronouncements and when they do, I believe they will be triumphantly clear and those who share common hopes will be inspired to share the articles with many.

Political Parties Identity Crisis: Democrats Choose Tyranny and the GOP Leadership chose Central Planning   

During our nations dark times, it appears both major political parties have an identity crisis. The left has embraced dictatorial tyranny likened to medical tyranny formerly embraced by the Nazi party with whom Dr. Anthony Fauci could easily be a replacement for Dr. Joseph Mengele. To my friends within the GOP, the globalists have conquered the highest GOP leadership with vaccine propaganda stopping short of not embracing mandates, yet not taking proper constitutional actions to revoke tyranny in our great land.

PCR Tests and the Tragedy of mRNA Vaccination

As our nation and world was plunged into medical tyranny, I began investigating important aspects of Covid-19 and noticed the medical fraud within PCR tests and other data points. I have personally witnessed otherwise healthy people fall victim to minor to major adverse reactions to the covid vaccines, including death. Four healthy people known to me (a 13-year-old girl, a 43-year-old man a 21-year-old college student and a 33-year-old), who had no health issues at all and were not covid patients, died because of the vaccine. In addition, I have a relative who lost her husband who was diagnosed with Covid and with other underlying heart conditions.

Trump is now a pro-vaxxer for the experimental mRNA Vaccines

As of today’s date, who among loyal Trump supporters could ever believe Donald J. Trump would become a pro-vaxxer? He also hasn’t acknowledged the basic facts of major adverse reactions and mass deaths from the three covid vaccines he’s recently been eager to promote.

USA: Nearly fallen to mandates and progressive ideologies

Our nation and the world have nearly fallen to progressive ideologies from the likes of Progressive leaders like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United Nations, including international elite saboteurs who support the World Economic Forum, and others too many to mention.

Trump Highlights

For four years America enjoyed the prosperity of economic creativity and peaceful accord with other nations. One of my favorite actions of Trump was him challenging the “Rocket Man” and the Chinese Communist Party. Both were approached with the highest level of creativity provided under Trump.

Our nation was stronger, freer, and vastly more economically successful under Trump than Unlawful President Joe Biden’s reign of progressive tyranny. While this fact is true, we must acknowledge Trump never balanced the budget and the federal government grew vastly under Trump’s leadership.

The contributions of former President Donald J. Trump were numerous and energy independence, once thought impossible by many, were accomplished. In one of many examples, Trump showed his America First policy by filling the strategic reserves to provide fuel on demand in case disruptions occurred. This point added national stability for our fuel infrastructure, which no former president had been effective as Trump. Securing our borders began under Trump and the border surge decreased.

Certainly, hope for our nation increased as Trump added and respect to our nation compared to the neoconservative reign of nation building under former President George W. Bush or the former neoliberal push toward socialism under President Barack Hussain Obama.

The GOP and Trump Abandoned Support for Jan 6th protestors

While the 2020 summer was filled with riots and protests by BLM and Antifa, we noticed the left bailing out hard-core rioters who burned buildings to the ground, attempted to burn police inside of police stations, while the media claimed the protesters were mostly peaceful. The left quickly mobilized to provide bond money for these hateful and sadistic participants of the summer riots. On Jan 6th, to expose the mass voter fraud, both the GOP and Trump abandoned their own supporters. Many are still held in jail in poor conditions. Recently Trump began to turn on his own supporters with promotion of the unproven vaccines.

The GOP Joined the Democrats with Central Planning for Covid

Once the “plandemic” began, Dr. Anthony Fauci created the COVID-19 variant under Gain of Function, and thus the pandemic was planned, the Republican Party showed weak support and improper application to support the Constitution and not only supported but joined the largest Central planning misstep in American known as Operation Warp Speed. Only We the People, who are connoisseurs of freedom and liberty, can save our nation and the world from communist mandates, restrictions, and inflation. If the remedy isn’t obtained, a complete currency collapse is upon us. This includes starvation, energy disruption, and added cataclysmic failures all created by the protagonists who harbor evil intent as the elite’s intention to conducting the great promise to kill, steal, and destroy. Our circumstances are bleak, our hope is still high, and positive actions are noted.

Immediately: The GOP Must Support the Tenth Amendment

The proper and peaceful answer to tyranny within the USA is an informed legislature and populous regarding the Tenth Amendment. This is the pathway the GOP should have taken and promoted instead of Operation Warp Speed, which is now being used against us to threaten our health with unproven and untested vaccines from any long-term studies. It is being used against us under Unlawful President Joe Biden.

Only a few states governed by republicans need to embrace the Tenth to help cut the giant overreach from the federal government and nullify mandates, demands, and socialist planning. The rise of an all-powerful government will decline, and balance restored in our Republic. If a mass peaceful resistance isn’t formed and the constitutional constraint from the Tenth Amendment is embraced, then it is highly unlikely our kids will enjoy the America we grew up in.

Forging the pathway in support of the Tenth Amendment requires immense strength to stand up to the RHINOs within the GOP, including the neocons and the leftists who embrace progressivism. It requires immense determination and removal of the leadership within the GOP who are cowardly and often side with the left. The pursuit of the Tenth Amendment promoted by state level leadership can not only succeed against near impossible odds, but it can be done with staunch support from We the People with our own demands. After a few states engage the Tenth Amendment, other states will follow and the perceived power from the federal government will be put in check, and the open progressive agenda is slowed or eliminated.

The states and even localities can nullify any topic of unlawful federal mandate. For example, the recent play from OSHA can be nullified to end vaccine mandates for all health care workers and their employees within the state. Governor Ron DeSantis has nullified mandates, and even Disney has joined the state’s demands and opposed Biden’s evil plans.

Understanding the value of the Tenth Amendment provides great hope. When combined with prayers, faith, and action to use the Tenth, all good things are possible for our nation. If it isn’t embraced, our flag is likely to fall as darkness befalls our nation. Should America fail, the world will be plunged into a worldwide one-world government, and that is exactly what the evil doers have in mind. It will be conducted right under our noses, via the ever-growing medical dictatorship.

Nullification is desperately needed to protect our truckers, who keep our nation moving forward, from unproven vaccines. Without our truckers moving goods, our nation comes to a standstill. This is exactly what the progressives are planning by design.

The progressives, socialist, Marxists, neocons, and rhinos within the republican party despise constitutional application. They realize the power of the Tenth Amendment and will do everything possible to oppose the use of the Tenth Amendment.

For loyal Americans who sought an end of Government overreach and to end the swamp, we must use the Tenth Amendment to elevate Life, Liberty, and Freedom at the local and state level. Doing so normalizes government limits at the federal level. The current all-powerful federal government will lose its oppressive power when the Tenth Amendment is utilized to any level required by any state exercising its Constitutional rights. The framers of our Constitution recognized federal power must have a checks and balance system and thus the Tenth Amendment is one such remedy to be used.

Thus Far the GOP has Failed to use the constitutional remedy so we must demand the use of the Tenth Amendment

The GOP has failed to use the constitutional remedy to end federal power grabs. We must demand the pursuit of this peaceful and legal constitutional provision to immediately save our localities, counties, states, and country from federal tyranny. You must demand local GOP leadership embrace and must fully promote the Tenth Amendment.

If a few republican governors appear and issue proper constitutional limits, other republican governors will follow, and the tyrants will be defeated.

If the GOP does not support the kryptonite measure of the Tenth Amendment, the GOP will continue its pathway of defeating our nation through inaction. The lack of understanding of the Tenth will result in joining the left by default in forming the bloated and gross weight of federal tyranny against its own citizens. Recent current events confirm this. Will you choose to embrace and demand the use of the Tenth Amendment?

So far, the only republican governor to embrace with multiple actions and put into action the value of the Tenth is Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis. We must demand more red states to use the Tenth and call it a new movement.

After the 2016 Election, the GOP took its eye off the ball and allowed the federal government to grow and crush freedoms

After the 2016 election, the GOP took its eye off the ball and began to support an all-powerful federal government. They did nothing to elevate state’s rights to help defeat the swamp. It was impossible to defeat the swamp only at the federal level when the tentacles of Tyranny have also grown and infiltrated the states.

Our birthright of Life, Liberty, and Freedom now weighs in the balance.

The Election of Glen Younkin

As a writer, I supply no haven for any politician or political party. I have voted as a republican and voted for the entire republican ticket here in Virginia, in the recent election. It was necessary to save our state from more progressive rule. Virginians were tired of the tyrants in charge, and I believe the same will occur during the midterm elections. I’ve also voted for candidates from the constitution and libertarian parties. In other words, I’ve sought to vote for the best candidate whom I believed safeguarded our liberties. Sadly, it now appears Glenn Younkin has moved away from some of these promises and appears less inclined to support the true value of Life, Liberty, and Freedom. I had previously warned that Governor Elect Glenn Younkin was a former representative for the Carlisle group, and if elected he would support big government and possible woke dogma. So far, even though he’s not been sworn in, he has publicly moved to the support of big government and leftist dogma, and yet at the same time signal improved “States Rights.”  At this point, I’m looking forward to Glenn Younkin’s leadership, but I have chosen to never to blindly support the GOP but will call them out when required. I will provide my thanks when I see major advancements from Glenn Younkin supporting the Tenth Amendment, while also safeguarding us against medical tyranny of vaccine mandates. The leadership of Younkin exceeds that of our former racist governor, Northam. He was also a pro-death supporter of abortion.

Weak GOP Leadership joined the Left’s 15-days, Masks, Six Feet Apart and never fired Gain-of-doom Fauci

The performance of most republicans during the pandemic proved the weakness bestowed to a level of contempt for its supporters and constitution, especially when central planning was involved. For endless years, patriots have warned against central planning and yet when Covid-19 arrived, those on the right quickly joined the left to invoke 15 days of quarantine, wearing masks, and staying six feet apart. Our nation is unrecognizable now and has joined a massive central planning scheme called Operation Warp Speed. Former President Trump claimed Operation Warp Speed was the modern-day equivalent of the Manhattan Project; what an odd reference to consider it is based on death rates alone, created from both issues: one the nuclear bomb, and the second as a military action for unproven vaccines. Central planning joined with the agitators from the CDC, FDA, and now OSHA to have formed unions with a globalist plot to create a health dictatorship as we descend into the medical tyranny emerging before our very eyes. As loyal patriots, we must not overlook central planning that was joined by the top-down decision of the Trump Administration, especially under Operation Warp Speed.


TO FOMER PRESIDNET DONALD J. TRUMP: Should President Trump, loyal supporters, Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, or former members of this cabinet read this page, I encourage former President Donald J. Trump to harness the power of Joe Rogan’s show and to appear and renounce all Covid Vaccines, and use his influence to rally people against their use, including those mandated to receive the vaccine in our military: loyal patriots losing their jobs. I ask him to help protect the children of our nation and abroad from the major side effects and death from the vaccines created under Operation Warp Speed.

I ask that you also explain to the people the documents you signed with Pfizer which other independent media outlets report as signed by you and other nation leaders, which empowers Pfizer above the nation, which joined the secret deals. I realize you receive many documents to sign during your workday. You rely on others to review and educate you before signing. It only takes one bad actor in your office to undermine a legal document, and this was the case when you signed.

On your Inauguration Day, you made the promise you were returning power to the people. As of this moment, our flag has nearly fallen. Our nation is dying, and the swamp is winning. We also realize the failure. The fabric of our federal government is being exposed as Biden’s popularity has tanked from woke policies.

I hold true to my ideas, and so do many others. Our fight could be strengthened if you used your influence to fight for and encourage Americans to conduct a self-study of the Tenth Amendment and engage our republican governors to use the Tenth. It’s possible our nation can defeat the tyrants. We need you in this fight now, as many loyal patriots realize time is of the essence. The elections of 2022 and 2024 are simply too far away for lukewarm leadership from the GOP to emerge. No Sir, we need immense peaceful action in support the Tenth, in every state, especially the states ran by republican governors.

Sir, if you fail to renounce the three vaccines you help create under Operation Warp Speed and continue to blindly follow vaccine information which is false, I will have no other choice but warn others about this misstep on your part of severance to our pathway to Life, Liberty, and Freedom. If required to issue a severance of your vaccine influence, I will do so to help warn our parents and kids of the false paradigm and deduced reality of inefficient vaccines you’re promoting. Your recent interview with Candace Owens referenced the vaccines as effective and your open statements are false. The public accessible VAERS reports prove the vaccines created under Operation Warp Speed provide the greatest number of adverse effects and deaths from any vaccine created at any time in American History.

You should immediately promote the end of all covid vaccine manufacture and distribution and demand all vaccines to be immediately destroyed.

Two Elephants in the GOP Room: Operation Warp Speed and 2020 Stolen Election

There are many elephants in the room which many with the GOP prefer to ignore. However, they must be addressed, and the two greatest issues is the 2020 stolen election and vaccines created under Operation Warp Speed. The vaccines have created great harm and the adverse effects, including death, continue to rise. The Monster Vaxxers are demanding vaccines be given to our kids. There is no pandemic among our youth, yet the evil doers will claim heart failure as part of covid death among our children! This will lead to more lockdowns and promote mass fear as they sacrifice our kids with the continued PSYOP. Your voice must be heard as opposition to these evil deeds.

Drug Prices

As loyal patriots, we realized Trump was actively reducing drug prices. As a diabetic, I noticed my insulin prices plummeted with out-of-pocket costs, and many were thankful for this bold action. Likewise, Biden chose to rescind Trump’s EO and now the insulin prices are sky high. Many who can’t afford insulin out of pocket have been without this vital lifesaving drug. For diabetics to function, this is yet another example of Biden’s intentional act of American Sabotage.

Operation Warp Speed became the Globalist Mechanism to undermine our nation and most now believe it was intentional

Operation Warp Speed later became the globalist mechanism against We the People as the bad actor’s mandate vaccines without any authority. Many boldly stood up to say, “NO, I will not take an experiential vaccine!” So many suffer not only from the vaccines, but the class warfare waged against Americans.

As I see it, Operation Warp Speed became the kindling for a fire and Unlawful President Joe Biden struck the match. Both actions have moved us towards the dreaded New World Order which the Rockefeller’s, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, and Klaus Swab have advocated. Trump must renounce the vaccines, world government dictates, Gates, and Klaus Swab to ignite a symbolic brush fire of life, liberty, and freedom across our great land and the world. If he lacks the spirit of resolve for saving our children and compatriot from the jab and lacks the willingness to utilize true constitutional power with the Tenth Amendment, then I believe it’s time to find another presidential candidate to lead our nation. It’s time for each of us to study the Tenth Amendment and apply it where possible. We must never allow the GOP to lack constitutional understanding and application. I believe it’s possible with bold leadership, prayer, and actions to overcome tyranny and massive voter fraud.

No one is perfect, and I wish to share my concerns about Trump as I have already anchored limited support for the Tenth Amendment.

Trump signaled often that he was for We the People and reiterated he would side against Big Pharma. When COVID-19 arrived, the nation’s beloved president at a specific point in history could have easily reduced Big Pharma’s influence, while openly supporting natural cures across the board. It’s possible due to the immense dishonesty from the health bureaucrats, We the People may move away from Big Pharma due to mass dishonesty about COVID.

During Trumps announcement of Operation Warp Speed, common sense should have been the guiding light to oppose a vaccine which held no long-term studies. The PSYOP of fear, the media, and class warfare from our own government, as well as governments across the world, maintained the position of fear and the repetition of the lie the vaccines were safe while at the same time killing people and adversely affecting others. This is the greatest action of propaganda I’ve witnessed on earth and the GOP should crush the evil doers.

I was extremely concerned at that point in time of that I wrote a letter to President Trump and passed it off to someone in the Trump administration. To this day, I can’t be certain if it was delivered or read by anyone in the Trump Administration. I’m a little tweet in the twitter pond and a small face on Facebook. I plan to release all letters sent to all politicians in some modified form all before the end of March 2022.

In my letter, I urged President Trump to introduce a completing plan which I coined “Operation Warp Speed Therapeutics” Had this pathway been chosen, it would have led to the collapse of drug prices across the board, improving the health of Americans, while flattening the influential curve of vaccines in favor of natural health choices, versus an unproven vaccine.

Now we have mandates to inject an unproven vaccine. Many will say, “But Trump supported therapeutics, and never mandated vaccines.” My answer is simple, Trump never fired Dr. Fauci or the medical tyrants whom he invited to stand beside him, daily during the Covid briefings. Fauci is now on record to supporting Gain-of-Function and a bioweapon was created, and it’s effected the lives of most across the world. We must recognize the pandemic was planned and Dr. Anthony Fauci has yet to be arrested for stated crimes against humanity.

Trump had a duty to fire or charge Fauci

Trump, needed to clear the medical tyrants from the White House before further harm moved forward. Now much later, Fauci is still promoting fear and lies. Now the lawless FDA is mandating vaccines for our children and vaccine deaths and adverse effects are climbing.

Trump placed Mike Pence in charge of Operation Warp Speed. After huge increases of data shown in the VAERS report noting massive increases of death and adverse effects, Pence still didn’t renounce the vaccines.

The medical tyrants claimed we would see a huge decrease in cases and deaths after the rollout of the vaccines; this isn’t true at all. Now they are promoting boosters every six months. Why should you trust them with your health when they have no respect to long term vaccines studies for covid vaccines? Even our beloved President Trump began promoting unproven vaccines to the very people who put him in office.

There isn’t any COVID Pandemic Amongst our youth

There isn’t any COVID pandemic amongst our youth, and yet they want the kids jabbed from 5 years old and older. The medical community are now promoting vaccines from birth for every newborn. Once the kids are jabbed, we will see a rise in massive death with heart related issues among our youth, and they will use these numbers to falsely promote lockdowns and support Fauci’s and Gates’ medical dictatorship. Shame on the Monster Jabbers! This is an important reason I will soon launch to help save our kids from the Monster Vaxxers.

Trump must renounce the Monster Vaxxers for our youth.

Haven’t you concluded we are witnessing world depopulation from the jabbers? Note: I will be glad to debate any pro-Vaxxer, including Fauci, or any who demand our kids to receive an experimental jab, on any live video format, college campus, including radio and TV debate. Visit my webpage to find out more.

Trump the peacemaker and my former blind-loyalty

Like many loyal Americans, we recognized President Donald J. Trump as the peacemaker, economic change expert, and a loyal patriot to help save America. In 2016, I walked the neighborhoods of Blacksburg, Virginia in support of Trump. I did it again in 2020, while living in Roanoke, and donated valuable time to help re-elect Trump. When voter fraud emerged, I was highly frustrated Trump took little action while in office to restore order and expose this fraud. I also became frustrated when conservatives, free thinkers, and libertarians were canceled and banned from social media. Trump did little other than assemble a few to the White House. At that time, he gave a short nod to conservatives canceled from the social outlets. We sat by to see him and members from congress do nothing to liberate free speech. Now, even Trump is banned from Twitter and Facebook! He never conceded the 2020 election, yet many questions remain. Equally important was the acknowledgment of creating vaccines which held no long-term studies. At no time in history have we noticed vaccines with the highest adverse effects and deaths than those created to fight COVID-19. Over time, I sent important suggestions to key people within the Trump Administration. I will release slightly modified letters sent in 2020.

The fear of Covid Vaccines for our children are a real threat and Trump must renounce and oppose these unproven vaccines for our children, our military men, and our people. From my perspective the Vaccines are one of the greatest threats to Americans and people across the world.

The QAnon Movement

Another factor which undermined loyal Americans was the QAnon movement. They said to “watch the movie” and millions of loyal patriots stood down when they should have detected the pervasive nature that our nation was falling into as many placed their hope in one man, Donald J. Trump, and QAnon. I must remind the folks who continue to believe in the QAnon phenomena no war has ever been won by watching a movie. I fully renounce QAnon and not the Americans who supported this PSYOP.

Trump administration funded the Bill Gates Foundation for Vaccines

I recently noticed the Trump administration funded the Bill Gates foundation for vaccines which exceeded a BILLION dollars. We must also acknowledge Bill Gates is on record in support of World Depopulation. We must question the reason to supply Bill Gates over a billion dollars, a man who supports World Depopulation. In a letter sent to ranking officials within the Trump Administration, I cautioned against promoting unproven vaccines in favor of a competing plan which I dubbed “Operation Warp Speed Therapeutics” with a focus on known therapeutics to work against COVID.

Matthew 24:24

As a Christian, our hope isn’t in one man or women on earth, but our heavenly Father. It will be kind and caring Christians, patriots, red blooded Americans who save our nation. They have already shown up in droves during the recent Virginia elections, and a vast turnout at school board meetings to note our outcry against Critical Race Theory, Socialism, or Marxism.

We must remind ourselves the wisdom found in Matthew 24:24 (KJV) “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they will deceive the very elect.” Note the last phrase, “They will deceive the very elect.” Has the very elect been deceived? We have been deceived, and future posted articles will raise this question respectfully.

Discernment Required

In today’s culture, the level of deception across the world requires an immense level of discernment. Our value and self-worth transcend evil as we apply ourselves to wisdom and knowledge.

Love is the Greatest Defender

One of the greatest values I’ve embraced is a simple phrase: “Love is the greatest defender.” It is love which inspires our best and defends our ideals, our loved ones, and our love for others. “Love is the greatest defender” supplies the highest level of defense which the protagonist of this world will never understand.

The Protagonist of our Day

The protagonist of our day has joined an evil progressive agenda who stole our elections, limits our free speech, cancels our freedoms and birthrights, and seeks to alter our history. The protagonist has formed an unholy union with abolitionists, socialists, Marxists, communists, and the democrat party. They are a pack of savages rolled into one which steals, kills, and destroys free thought, cancels freedom. They leave behind our own red-blooded Americans for fodder for the Taliban. The protagonist and bad actors of our day support Marxist groups such as BLM and Antifa, and seek to cancel order in cities, and freedoms in our schools. They hail Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Obama, Biden, and Harris as a contemporary Build Back Better plan originating as Order out of Chaos in a script right out of Orwell’s 1984.

Currently, our nation holds so many challenges with ripple effects including our monetary policy, which holds a high inflation rate that first effects the poor as grocery and gas prices soar.

The progressives of our day aren’t ignorant people and their choice to embrace destruction is from choice. If they are not stopped, they intend to destroy our prosperous nation across all economic platforms in favor of a false utopia. This includes a one world government and one world religion. We must awaken to these facts and limit our time spent watching TV and other activities and educate one another so we can stand and oppose tyranny.

As wise people who are loyal patriots, we must embrace the Tenth Amendment and put forth states’ rights to restrict and undermine tyranny currently dictated from the federal level. This is the greatest hope for our Republic, and the progressives know this.

My site’s focus

COVID-19: We must recognize valid data hidden in plain sight and engage local health departments with Freedom of Information Request to review local death data. We will gain control of the information obtained by sharing with our friends, family, and acquaintances. We must have friendly discussions within our church, civic leagues, and parties. We must ask important questions such as what happened to the major death data for the flu last year? Why are health authorities seeking to mandate vaccines with people who have already had covid? And why are they seeking to vaccinate our children when no pandemic within their age groups exists with COVID-19? My writings and questions will include a plethora of information and data about this topic alone.

2020 Election: Yes, the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump and the House lost due to election fraud. The globalists inside both major parties intentionally ignored voter fraud during the 2020 election. The voter fraud was immense, and the election was stolen. Former Attorney General William Barr, Rhino republicans, and courts did not provide a proper inquiry into voter fraud even as state legislatures are performing recounts. The results are mostly ignored by mainstream media who are biased and refuse to inform Americans. However, one can’t overlook the basic facts of vote fraud with the following points:

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin each relaxed Mail-in and Absentee Ballot Rules

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin used corrupt Voting Machines.

Law changes by State Legislatures to severely affect the Presidential election, which includes Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania

Massive mail-in ballot campaigns were in full swing before and after the polls closed.

No truthful reporter or lawmaker can refute the above points, and most refuse to discuss the above points.

Now the progressives exclaim it’s racist to ask for a valid Driver’s License or State Issued ID to vote. I remind those who oppose an ID, you must show ID for withdrawing money at your local bank, in most cases you must show ID to open a bank account, apply for a marriage license, apply for a fishing or hunting license, buy a home, rent an apartment, get a library card, or apply for employment. And of course, you must show an ID to get unemployment benefits.

We must return a basic paper ballot with voting to occur on election day, and an ID should be required. I support 10 years in jail or the death penalty, depending on the severity of voter fraud for local, state, and federal elections.

I launched this site years ago with a single focus to announce business goals and accomplishments. Last year, I reformatted this site to post personally written articles. Since then, my ideas have expanded to inform and educate in a unique way.

My sincere effort to help save our kids from Monster Vaxxers led me to create a website that I have called Monster Jabbers, will also be live very soon. I’ll note the source and you can share this information with your pediatrician on the statistics for child and infant deaths from Covid and the vaccine jab as they encourage you to give it to your child. In addition to the embedded graphic within the 101 articles, I may include one to two paragraphs.

As an entrepreneur, I’m eager to bring forth an advancement in the aeronautics industry, and a free energy solution that is better than solar. I have also been successful with high end properties found in the West Indies, not as an agent but through a unique method deemed “Wholesaling.” This method helped restore major financial conflict derived from a lengthy custody case whereas the courts found my former spouse guilty of parental alienation. I’ve hosted my own radio show where I discussed many topics. I will write about this and post directly on this site. Apart from aeronautics plans, I’m also in the process to launch Elevate Goods. It will serve a unique market for both digital and material goods. My first book will be released in 2022 titled: Parental Alienation: She Changed Her Name. My second book encompasses various prose, verse, and themes. A tentative release date is December 2022, though this date may change.

I had planned to return to radio this coming December; I’ve been offered two contracts across different networks, and both in a syndicated format. My partners sought to control topics aired on live radio. Both providers recently looked to change the offer prior to my officially signing later this month. They sought to eliminate my announcement of personal content for Covid and deep state materials. I deemed the opportunity as a waste of my time. The recent changes became stipulations before signing the agreement and airing my first show. When this occurred, I was inspired to consider other unique methods to expose all issues without restrictions. I intend to announce many more topics and will utilize infographics, then leave it up to digital warriors to share across their social media accounts. The series called “101” will begin soon.

The 101 series will cover 101 COVID-19 Facts, 101 Progressive Facts, and other topics. I plan to use the research material for future articles and books. You can expect to see each section completed before early spring 2023. Additional 101 series will appear later.

Articles: I invite you to visit the Article section. You will find thought provoking articles personally written by myself.

Caricatures and Cartoons:  I’ve always believed a simple message can be simplified by a powerful caricature or cartoon. I’ve partnered with an amazing artist and this person prefers to remain anonymous. I’ll write the message and provide the idea and this person is highly capable of providing the artistic answer on par with another renowned artist of this genre.

Freedom of Information Requests: In most cases, I will post an online version for Freedom of Information Requests for public viewing.

Debate:  I enjoy debate. I have little time for online banter and yet I can easily defend my positions for any topic I personally write about. I’m open to live debate on video platforms, or live open debate at college campuses, or open venues. If debate is looked for, you may engage my debate page. Live debate should include fifty or more guests who see the debate.

Blog: I feature other writers, data or special interest including documentary films.

Home Page I typically update the home page once or twice within a 12-month period, and I appreciate your visits.

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What do the phrases “TENTH ADMENDMENT” “Central Planning” and “Love is the Greatest Defender” mean to you?

I appreciate you taking the time to read “My very Long” home page.

Elevate your best, 

Darel L. Long

The home page will be updated within 12 months 



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