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To My American Family and Citizens of the world:


My name is Darel Lynwood Long, owner of the site. I have a question for you. Have we entered an alternate reality, or did I awaken from hibernation surrounded by citizens wearing masks? It appears in mandated areas 7.5 out of 10 people are masked up. I have to say, good for those 2.5 out of ten choosing to breath.

It seems America and the world is standing at a cross road.  If America advance left, freedom and free speech is limited following a decline of freedom.  If you live in a Blue Region and some red regions you’ve already witnessed this statement as fact.  If we turn right and return to Free Speech and the liberation of constitutional positions life, liberty and freedom continues to advance for America and elevates the world.

We are now preceding quickly to the inauguration while at the same time now daily reports noting tremendous irregularities in mail-in ballots including the Election process.   The media willfully claim they call the election and doing so only separates fiction from facts.  The media has no constitutional power to call the election.  No matter which Media source reports election results none of them including Fox News, AP, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. have constitutional power to name the final winner of the election.  Apart from the Electoral college and with the increased affirmation of battle ground states voting irregularities our constitutional republic may require use within various components set for within the Insurrection Act of 1807, National Defense Authorization Act (NDA), martial law, and/or an important Executive Order signed prior to the election.  Certainly, I’m in favor of our constitutional republic, yet the lefts insistent attacks on Life, Liberty and Freedom have given rise to extraordinary times.  Even Battle ground states are currently asserting State and Federal Constitutional options to seat state legislatures as currently noticed in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, seeing this new development in Pennsylvania is astonishing. Yet, the same media sources who called the election are mostly void in reporting on the recent developments in Pennsylvania and other battleground states.

The medias lovefest with the left and left leaning positions are failing to report on major developments as noted by the release of the “Kraken” and the “Seized servers” which may very well lead to a win for Trump at the very last moment.

Apart from the Presidential election it’s now clear to me use of mail-in ballots due  to Covid-19 hyped panic became a political tool to user in mail-in ballots.

The left and some on the right could have embraced logic and viewed the extremely low death counts found in South Dakota and Sweden. As the citizens of the state and nation moved forward without major restrictions, their businesses and commerce have flourished. Their children have benefited greatly with returning to school as others use fear to restrict its citizens, as fear moves from death to cases, as the reasoning for more restrictions. The state of South Dakota certainly has maintained its state constitution and by honoring Life, Liberty and Freedom also honored the U.S. Constitution. Every state can easily confirm a similar size town in similar size to a South Dakota town and compare relative death counts associated with Covid-19. The findings are remarkably less, and without major restrictions Likewise, the informed person can compare large towns and cities found in Sweden to US and note the progress compared with limited restrictions and in most cases none.

Recently, the CDC revealed, in all its absurdity, a FACT that 6% of all the death counts were solely related to Covid-19, without underlining conditions. Given this fact the political class should have reversed all restrictive mandates once this fact was released instead the political class along with unelected officials from health departments conspire against, We the People, and in some cases, posing greater restrictions.

Most blue and red regions controlled by department of health officials who are democrats continue offering advice following world government dictates, thus further deteriorating their own local markets, towns, cities, and states. At the same time, they are refusing to acknowledge successful approaches, as clearly represented by South Dakota and Sweden. For this reason, I assert towns and cities, counties health department officials must become elected role mainly due to the newly politicized dictates from the non-elected few. The nonelected health bureaucrat has become a bridge to authoritarianism especially when basic math confirms the death rate from Covid-19 is extremely low. The media pimps and tyrants continue to promote cases as a method to control.  In plain view the media interjects increased cases, increased hospitalizations and avoid the result of death counts.  At the same time big box stores clammer with customers while main street is destroyed.

We have been warned of increased power in the hands of a few, by the framers of our Constitution, and endless liberty minded men and women. The power, now clenched by the hands of a few, coincide with globalism aligned with the political class more common to democrats, and supported by the Neoliberals, Rhinos and Neoconservative leadership within the Republican Party. The current union between a newly risen heath dictatorship, globalism, and democratic leadership who have not led its party but fallen to democratic socialism.  They have joined with socialist and even reported Satanists have joined. The goal of socialism has always been communism; there has never been a time in our nation’s history the officials of municipalities, school districts, mayors, and governors under the guise of safety and security have shocked the system with increased centralized power, mandating this and mandating that.  It’s important we flip the fear, based on logic and data and share the data with one another by simply referring to the claimed overall death count with our friends, family and strangers and rise to oppose increased restrictions, whatever those restrictions may be.

I believe America, should export to the world the stated cures we see in our own nation for COvid-19, and delay any vaccine until we have a 10-year track record for any Vaccine.  Certainly, if someone wants to accept any unproven drug it should be their choice but never a mandate and no company or government should restrict one’s job and travel to refrain from any vaccine.   Long term research from various inexpensive drugs have been highly effective, peered reviewed data in support of Zinc, Vit D are also helpful.  Exporting to the citizens of the world dismissed the globalist agenda to track, restrict and alter the world’s economies which subverts the globalist plans short term and perhaps long term.  Help eliminate world fear promoted by the health departments of the world which are for the most part a Bill and Melinda Gates propaganda plans.

Politically speaking close friends who previously voted for Barack Obama were overjoyed with his election but now realized the recent election is between Life, Liberty, and Freedom. They stated the reason they left the Democratic party was due to the recent riots in their city of Richmond, Virginia. Another close friend who supported Bernie Sanders, and lives in Portland, Oregon, renounced the party due to chaos and riots. He now understands the value of the 2nd amendment and is for the first time he began to carry a concealed weapon. Other local friends noticed the local democratic party has moved so far left, joining a progressive agenda, openly supports the democratic socialist party. They now support of the Libertarian party.

I’ve always tried to be friends with all persons and as we witness various supply chains failing in and around major cities, the left claim less freedom, but freedom is the answer. It’s my supposition many supporting the left who espouse tolerance are themselves intolerant of views and competing ideas and this example is ripe with examples noting heavy censorship from Tech Giants such as Twitter and Facebook.  Embracing the façade of intolerance frees them of critical thinking in favor of groups and victimhood. It’s impossible to hold a conversation with those who choose the intolerance mindset.

In truth, a large majority of the medical community and political class are now in conflict with the people they claim to serve. We the People seem to be exiled from Life, Liberty, and Freedom while they join entangling alliances with Big Pharma, and far worse. The only pathway to Life, Liberty, and Freedom is an about-face turn towards actions set forth within the Constitution. It is the recognition that the press is manipulated and turn them off in favor of independent media. This is the only way to fully flatten the mainstream media curve of influence and control. Every American should immediately embrace a personal study into the following phrase “Mockingbird Media”, and realize that after your own study, the media manipulation has occurred for a very long time, and the term “fake news” is very fitting.  You will be astonished to learn on your own the repulsive action our own CIA have taken to imbed with major news sources such as ABC, CBS and even Fox news, CNN, etc.  No wonder they call it “programing.”

While the current climate of agitation within America presents dark moments, we should all be thankful that in our lifetime we are afforded the opportunity to oppose and fight back against any act which is counter to Life, Liberty, and Freedom. As free people, our level of creativity is found within the soul of a free spirit, more than those controlled by former failed ideologies. This fact alone provides greater hope for America’s future Freedom in pursuit of rights granted by our Creator.

One of my favorite presidents has always been John F. Kennedy, because he showed an economic prowess and understood the value and control of printed money. He was set to change monetary policy, but his assassination ended his bold plans.  The manipulation of the money supply would have been out of hands of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by private families. We can only hope President Trump will attempt to free our money supply from the private families who benefit mostly by our nation’s ignorance with this single topic.

I believe President Trump has great understanding of the matrix of lies during the Kennedy Administration. The President has been able to accomplish a pro-peace position while also maintaining a peaceful coexistence with the Military Industrial Complex. This was accomplished by rebuilding our defenses, thus removing the threat from the Military Industrial Complex; however, it shifted to those who promote Globalism. His threat level is less from the Military Industrial Complex, but far greater in other areas.

Historically, the world changed with the assassination of Lincoln, and decades later, when Kennedy was assassinated. Later, on Sept 11, 2001, the world changed again. The election of Donald J. Trump changed the footing of the Republican party diminishing the neoconservative voices. The Republican party is the party of Trump and America First. The party of Trump has uncloaked the haters of America for who they really are, mainly those known as globalist supporters within every political party.

Globalism opposes Life, Liberty, and Freedom. The basic demands of Globalism on the most basic level opposes individuality and supports groups over individuals.

We began to see the emergence of Donald J. Trump’s peace deals with North Korea. In my belief, this was undermined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “Rocket Man” has been less antagonistic than during the regime of Barack Obama. The recent Peace Deal with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain are now being viewed as a major step of peace in the Middle East. While the ink dried on this newest peace deal, anyone should realize peace in the Middle East will not exist long term. I’m not undermining the value of Trump’s peaceful accord, but rather noting understanding of the Middle East. Peace seems to be tenuous and unable to be sustained in such a volatile area known for its violence.

After Trump’s inauguration, few people realized Trump proposed legislation President Barack Hussain Obama had supported. President Barack Obama and hardcore supporters from the far left became unhinged and incited the hatred for President Trump, even though a few proposals were formerly supported by the Left; the rage continues with attacks on the President, his supporters, and the nation and opposition has become violent as some lose their life due to their public support of President Trump.

I was always taught to pray for our Presidents, even if they were not on my chosen team. We should continue to pray for President Trump even as the supporters of evil emerge more boldly on the world stage. This is a daily occurrence with independent news outlets informing the world of the depravity being committed against anyone not agreeing with them. Just as importantly, we must stand up to evil locally and on the state level as never before to limit big government policies. We should never overlook the value of the sheriff’s office. This office must be held by a Constitution and Second Amendment supporting elected official. If they have a problem with this, they should be voted out nationwide.

It’s crucial We the People demand the head of health departments be an elected position with a specific mandate. We must demand they follow dictates of reason and logic when dealing with life cycles and human cycles. A department head must support a pro-American agenda and avoid supporting world bodies who have been deemed unacceptable allies. We realize most health department leaders are not truly leaders; they are in de facto followers of Dr. Fauci and Fake doctor Bill Gates, who support a world agenda, world population control, and much more.

A student of history can clearly notice most on the left oppose the tremendous advances of America, but instead favor chaos, clashes, and violence. They openly support death of the unborn, as celebrated in state houses like New York. Even former Army doctor and pediatric neurologist Governor Ralph Northam with his radio interview proclamation supported the barbaric late-term abortion position.

President Trump has renounced violence and riots and I believe President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King would speak out to oppose and fully renounce the nationwide riots and violence, if they could see how chaotic this country has become. Certainly, neither gentleman would refer to “Riots” as “Mostly Peaceful Protests.”

Democratic leadership is now filled with WHO mandates, embracing world government policies, and are highly opposed to our Constitutional Republic. They affirm the oath to the Constitution only to undermine its spirit later. And sadly, there are Republicans who do the very same.

The most ludicrous phrase I’ve heard in my life is “Six Feet Apart.” Now various health department officials and colleges are endorsing couples wear masks while making love. Certainly, this phrase, whether it is a “request” or perceived as “demands from the overlords”, is exposed as now supporting an anti-human agenda. Some political tyrants extend mask requirements into the privacy of your own home. While many believe this is satire, it’s now mentioned and encouraged by many from the political class.

Covid-19 has provided a perfect cover for an even further shift into globalist ideals, including serfdom and greater control of our lives on every level.

On a rudimentary level, Dr. Anthony Fauci, fake physician Bill Gates, and others of the same ilk, prefer to dominate and control everything. This includes your hopes, dreams, and freedoms for the future. This time last year, did anyone believe the government would TELL YOU HOW TO CELEBRATE, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.  Each holiday is based on “Separation” and there is no greater evidence to this fact than listening to Gates and his depopulation agenda, and Anthony Fauci’s absurd reasonings for the dictates on this “pandemic”.

On a personal level, Covid-19 has contributed to delays with my own business plans. The various business objectives will soon reemerge within important Trading markets, overseas real estate markets, a small hedge fund, currency trading within micro digital markets, a nonprofit which elevates local churches, and a nonprofit focused on Parental Alienation. Still another to help elevate values and principles made good thru the Free enterprise system currently in its’ planning stage and will support Life, Liberty, and Freedom through founded in Free Enterprise.

A unique plan for an online store will emerge in support of Life, Liberty and Freedom and will prove to become a unique destination.

Still another important venture will be announced soon. The venture provides revolutionary answers for the aeronautics industry. The timing of our release will be supported by an industry icon and others supporting my unique vision.

Over the years, my heart has been weighed heavily with stories from parents, including myself, who deal with Parental Alienation. The primary contacts derived from bad actors occurred during this period. Having dealt with an onslaught of effects, it was only recently that have I discovered vital answers and solutions to help parents cope with this form of abuse. Parental Alienation is a form of abuse perpetrated by an agitating parent.

While most don’t equate good fortune and suffering as equal partners for successful formation, I assure the visitor good fortune and long suffering join at the specific times as Big Ideas move forward and I hope you too see your own victories and grand success. I invite you to read more about humble advancements by clicking here.

Over the last 20 years I’ve written over 120 poems to help find insights inspired by my life. Recently, I’ve been encouraged by supporters and loved ones to release them for publication. My first book of poems will be released for publication. My first book of poems will be released early winter, 2021. When possible, an update will be posted.

A few years ago, I began writing my first book regarding Parental Alienation. I will complete the book titled Parental Alienation: She Changed Her Name. Due to limited time constraints, I will complete in 2021, and expect a fall release date for both digital and printed editions. When possible, I will post an update on my progress.

Recently, a dear friend of mine died during unfortunate circumstances. Her parents gave me a letter written to me 8 days before her passing; only recently did I open and read the letter. While reading her private letter, she asked me to write about her circumstances and her life. As per her last wishes, I completed a short story about her circumstances and her life. This is a short story about the events leading up to her death, and her father asked me to read the draft before the final story was released. He found great comfort in the story as I told it. He encouraged me to finish my book and to write about everything I felt passionate about and to share it.

I suppose due to major challenges in my own life, I remained the introvert for far too long. After filing for divorce long ago, and engaging in the resulting challenges, I emerged as a bold extrovert. Hopefully, my articles will inspire and encourage your own circumstances, whatever they may be.

Years ago, while hosting my own radio show, I had a passion to warn the people of things happening that were impacting them without their knowledge. More recently, I was inspired by the love, support, and encouragement from a just a few people to provide solutions, news, research, and musing into various topics.

If you’re an educator reading about my own personal history dealing with parental alienation, or the story of Renee, and you have questions which may help a loved one or student, I hold a plethora of knowledge to impart. You can reach out to me via my contact section.

Recently, I summited various Freedom of Information Requests (FOIR) presented to local schools in Virginia to discover their former, current, and future scholastic plans regarding Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). I hope to receive the information soon and will address solutions within the book I will release. If a school system shows interest in my work, perhaps I can network with teachers and counselors to help provide understanding with PAS, which may help more children.

We must flatten the curve of abuse derived from Parental Alienation Syndrome. School systems, court systems, and professionals have been vacant, and often avoid this topic when it occurs. Every professional knows this topic exists; we must immediately recognize the debauchery of this form of abuse.

I invite you to visit a growing list of articles and join the email sign up. I will do my best to launch 1 to 2 articles each week discussing topics not commonly found. The articles are written for We the People.

The articles support the ancient equation of 2 + 2 = 4. If the visitor favors Free Speech Zones, or you are in favor of Social Justice Warriors, you may need to return to your safe space.

We are AMERICANS. We are kind, bold, and loving people. The world views our nation as a primary nation to help elevate the world. True Patriots never kneel. They always STAND with Life, Liberty and Freedom.



God Speed


Darel L. Long




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