Food: Mexican Food followed closely by Italian and various foods cooked in the West Indies.

Color: Chrome, why, because no one claims chrome as a favorite color. This is followed by Green, Purple and Pink.

Phrase: “Runs with scissors” Why, because it’s a statement of life

Clothing: Heavily discounted from Isaia, Boss, Emporio, Armani, Perry Ellis and more recently discounted suite by xSuit. I also like the Dickies line found at my local Walmart, and you can find the best jeans at Goodwill.

Pets: I have an amazing, sweet little cockapoo dog and she is constantly happy, and loves to take baths. She’s the greeter and the first one to say hi. As a child my brother and I grew up with beagles and I’ve always loved the way they sat and howled. As a young boy, we grew up with rabbits, gerbils, and a few Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are some of the most unique little creatures. They are very lovable, personable, and intelligent. About five years ago I was introduced to cockatoos and other exotic birds; they were also amazing. When visiting the West Indies, and in particular St. Kitts, I’ve enjoyed the array of small monkeys which some people keep as pets. Still, my little cockapoo has been the most amazing dog and pet I’ve owned; she was named by my daughter.

More information: Additional information will be provided in the coming months.


I’m truly inspired by love.  Life’s circumstances have also taught me to be firm, determined and oppose every conflict with peaceful solutions when and where possible.  If peaceful solutions fail, one must defend and take the offensive move.  My favorite game, chess and understanding thereof   is paramount to winning. The game of chess is truly played by two opponents as each move is played before all who witness each live move.  Many opponents are void of the ability to see the next move on the board, even in plain sight.  The greatest games of chess are played everyday for the cause of liberty, peace and freedom without the board being present.  Often times the greatest minds are beaten because of the hubris one brings to the game before the game is even played.


One of the most important ventures to be launched will be released soon. Overall, the launch will be the most valuable of anything I have attempted and I’m extremely excited about it.

For Profit:

LongSETTLEMENT: Long settlement was formed in 2017 with anticipation of settlement of funds from real estate sales from the West Indies. More recently, Long Settlement, LLC moved forward and settles income from overseas and will be used to pay off private and public debt. Long Settlement, LLC also settles income from options earnings.

LongOPTION: Long Option, LLC, was formed recently with the sole focus for options trading and has been successful since inception.

There are other ventures in support of various West Indies Regions for sale as real estate.

Non Profit:

donationSPIRIT: The original idea began years ago when the early stages were formed. A relaunch of this venture will occur soon. The sole purpose will encompass a goodwill structure and the proceeds will help widows, orphans, community college grants, and benevolent funds for churches. A planned submission for formation occurs December 2019.

Parental Alienation Center: A center for Parental Alienation will be submitted as a 501c3 on November 25, 2019.

Hughes Act: Supported and promoted exclusively by Parental Alienation Center.


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  • Phone: 540.206.9257
  • Email: darel@DarelLLong.com