America: 102 Politicized Words, phrases, and Names

Across America, the left attacks Honor, Virtue, Individuality, Free Speech, and our right to pursue Life, Liberty, and Freedom. Now everything is politicized.

By Darel L. Long
August 02, 2021


The politicization of certain words has always existed.  In today’s culture, most everything is political.  In my hometown of Blacksburg, VA, the cancel culture arrived in 1984 for our high school mascot, the “Indians”, and replaced with the Bruins.

Today, the left’s insidious remarks oppose fairness, views of others, and natural order of Life, Liberty and Freedom.  They utilize groups to destroy the nuclear family while conducting cancel culture tactics reminiscent of those found within Nazism and Leninism, as they leap toward Stalinism.

The left’s position for socialism is an attempt to dethrone America and the Make America Great Again movement exposes their dark agenda as they attempt to sneak in communism within our communities and nation.  Many are slowly awakening to this fact as the kettle warms.

The birthright to the people from the progenitors of Life, Liberty and Freedom are now seeing beyond the college hoopla of socialism. The people who are aware of the assault on America are telling friends, family, and neighbors about this very real threat. This has become apparent as we watch Joe Biden’s approval rating plummet just after he took office and later many proven unreliable pollsters show a fake rebound in the polls.

The left falsely projects fascism onto those who are Patriotic Americans while they themselves are the true fascists of our day.

The Prince of Peace assembled in the town square and extolled peace by teaching by word, deed, and action. His legacy is replete with knowledge and wisdom through the centuries. The prince of Peace uniquely taught the multitude by asking thought provoking questions and thus engaged the listener.

In our day, too many groups are void of discussion and logic; they choose to destroy property, promote destruction of life, deny liberty, and abuse freedom.  The facts are represented within blue city lines, or deep within the belly of blue regions. I have attempted conversation for reason with some of these detractors.  I have found it is impossible.  Their reactions are akin to someone putting their fingers in their ears and singing “la, la, la!” to not hear my discourse.  The media sells the lies to them and claims Antifa, and Black Lives Matter protests are mostly peaceful while they leave a wake of smoke and destruction.

On a federal level, our political system is nearly a one-party system, yet currently, over half of the states are red regions. Overwhelmingly, counties are predominantly red regions across the country.  Ironically, most every health official position is held by a democrat who is the unelected bureaucrat controlling the levers of power as Covid-19 lockdowns were ushered in.  This revelation is shocking anyone as we consider “How did we get here”?

Are you now feeling the heat from the kettle now set on Medium?

Since 2015, the politicization of words has gone into overdrive.  The left is now seeking to undermine critical and individual thought, and the Rhino and Neoconservatives wings of the republican party join the Neoliberals and the lefts fascist ideals to announce it proudly amongst fake news outlets.

In my writings, for or against any politician, the argument will always be in support of the Constitution of the United States.  I will denounce any politician from the left or the right who abridges, subjugates, and undermines the spirit of our nation.  I give no safe harbor within my writings for any politician or party who opposes the spirit of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It’s clear to me, the leftists in congress who swear an oath to the Constitution, turn right around and renounce the spirit and words of the Constitution for the duration of their appointment the same can be said for the neoconservative wing of the republican party.

As I see it, the Founders of our government would have been shocked with the relevant historic date of Jan 6, 2021. Vice President Pence will go down in history as an adversary and traitor to our Republic, that is if the history books are written from the position of facts, and devoid of social decatenation.  Those who devalued our vote should resign and allow others more qualified to take over the positions and follow the spirit of the Constitution.

The political class has done nothing but spin the events of Jan 6, 2021.  They and the media never truly addressed the decay with the weeks from November 3, 2020, leading to the questioned certification of the electoral college on Jan 6, 2021.

Today, we only need to list the word or names subjected to politicization by asking has the word listed been politicized?  How about the name Dr. Anthony Fauci?  If you’re on the left he is God.  I watched a recent livestream and was disgusted watching the hosts.  Four of the men on the live stream treated Fauci as if they were courting him and fawning over his every word.  He was the high priest of the government and according to them, he was the highest-ranking member of the government who had ever been on their show.  Like all members of the news, or special shows dedicated to celebrities of the media, very few ask intelligent questions, and this television show was no different.  I have sought to have my questions answered directly by Dr. Fauci regarding PCR tests, but the moderator of the event declined my question.  The question I asked was never brought up during the show, but they spoke of remedial vaccine topics that any 8th grade student should have read about in science class.  During the show, there were superficial questions asked and no valuable information provided from Dr. Fauci.  Every question provided by the listeners were simple questions.  Had my question been presented by the moderator, the topic would have shifted to PCR testing and the rate for false positives.  My question was denied.

If your positions align closer to the right, then your view of Dr. Fauci is an opposite view of a man who has provided poor performance during his tenure at NIAID.

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, Dr. Anthony Fauci is now political.  Make no mistake where I stand, Dr. Fauci advised locking down our nation thus creating vast destruction across our great land.  I believe he should have been fired many months ago and charged with Medical Malpractice for the pathetic medical advice provided to our nation.  At least Dr, Birx had the courage to step down after it was revealed she was a hypocrite for traveling during the holidays after she demanded We the People not to travel during Thanksgiving, Christmas and much more.

Dr, Fauci’s involvement in Gain of Function is now the topic of current events. However, those of us who followed his work were fully aware and warned others of his indiscretions with Gain of Function at the behest of Barack Hussain Obama.  It’s difficult to fathom why President Trump wasn’t aware of Fauci’s misaligned and anti-American actions during the Pandemic?  Trump should have openly destroyed Fauci early on instead of elevating him as part of the task force and yielding to the first 15-day lock down and masks mandates.  Now the blue regions run by democrat governors are acting similar to dictator rule issuing “emergency orders” while at the same time trampling on their own state’s constitution and our founders wishes.

Without any doubt, Dr. Anthony Fauci is a politicized person.  We must also conclude the media has crossed the river of open debate and viciously weaponized free speech and the cancel culture.

The following 102 words, phrases, and names present politicized views; you can easily form your own opinion upon review. Likewise, you most certainly know of a classmate, coworker, or family member who may hold a strong political contrary to your own.



  1. President Donald J. Trump
  2. Joe Biden, Unlawful President
  3. Adam Schiff
  4. Eric Swalwell
  5. Kamala Harris, Unlawful Vice President
  6. Hillary Clinton
  7. Bernie Sanders
  8. Bill Gates
  9. Mike Pence: My own thoughts, on January 6, 2021, is he failed his oath.
  10. Covid-19
  11. Hydroxychloroquine
  12. Lockdowns
  13. Mask Mandates
  14. Curfews
  15. Amazon
  16. Walmart
  17. Target
  18. Church lockdowns
  19. Twitter
  20. Facebook
  21. Gab
  22. Parler
  23. Free Speech
  24. Freedom to Assemble.
  25. Second Amendment
  26. Voting
  27. Vote Fraud
  28. CNN
  29. ABC
  30. NBC
  31. Fox
  32. MSNBC
  33. Newsmax
  34. One American News
  35. New York Times
  36. Washington Times
  37. Chicago Tribune
  38. Russia gate
  39. Muller Report
  40. Jeff Sessions
  41. Nancy Pelosi
  42. Chuck Schumer
  43. Mitch McConnel
  44. Mitt Romney
  45. Paul Ryan
  46. Dr. Anthony Fauci
  47. Dr. Deborah Birx
  48. Antifa
  49. Black Lives Matter
  50. Gavin Newsom
  51. Ralph Northam
  52. Abortion
  53. Late Term Abortion
  54. Abortion after birth
  55. Pedophilia
  56. Unity
  57. Defund the Police
  58. Transgenders in Sports
  59. Allowing opposite sex persons in public bathrooms
  60. Male
  61. Female
  62. Gender
  63. Pronouns
  64. The Squad
  65. Socialism
  66. Communism
  67. Free Speech Zones
  68. Impeachment
  69. Spy Gate
  70. Free Press
  71. Transhumanism
  72. Reeducation camps
  73. Cancel Culture
  74. Gretchen Whitmer
  75. Great Reset
  76. Fact Checkers
  77. Bipartisan
  78. Vaccines
  79. Anti-Vaxers
  80. Peace
  81. World War 3
  82. Fake News
  83. Telegram
  84. China (Chinese Communist Party)
  85. Wuhan
  86. Bioweapon
  87. Bill de Blasio
  88. Ted Wheeler
  89. Andrew Cuomo
  90. Hunter Biden
  91. Hunter Biden’s Laptop
  92. Rudy Giuliani
  93. Dominion Voting Systems
  94. Censorship
  95. Self-Censorship
  96. Chris Wallace
  97. Climate Change
  98. Borders
  99. Foreign Policy
  100. Sidney Powell
  101. White Privilege
  102. Woke


The above list serves as a reminder for the constant political class to manipulate and control narratives which undermines the spirit and powerful position each person holds in his or her family, community, town state and nation.  We must remember our True North; if you are American, you must remember your own birthright to Life, Liberty, and Freedom.  Never allow any group to compromise your birthright.

In closing, we must remember the true fascists seek to destroy our way of life and are opposed to individuality in favor of groups of victims. In our Black Communities we must remember the Social Justice Groups, such as Black Lives Matter, espouse communism. They are on record saying they want to destroy the nuclear family within the black community, as well as other races, which is opposite the teachings of our once great patriot, Martin Luther King Jr. who preached and supported peace.

We must remember to be kind to the stranger, support those in need, and above all else, offer forgiveness those who misunderstand by choice or ignorance. We must also defend our culture and families from undue harm.

Our nation must immediately remedy the vast voter fraud across our nation, especially in key battle ground states. The left realizes they have 22 months to cover up the vote fraud, and during this time, we will either see the truth revealed in favor of the American spirit, or our future elections will be destroyed.

We must recognize the 102 words, phrases, and names listed above have become politized, and the cancel culture has weaponized them for their own benefit.  The cancel culture has only begun, and unless squelched, it will become a dangerous addition to American culture in the coming months and years.

Based on the 102 words above, we can be certain 74,222,958 who voted for Trump have an entirely different view of the above than the fake votes Biden received.

In times such as these, we should do our best to be friends with those of opposing views and renounce the government’s attempts to divide us into groups.

Most recently I noticed a news headline article titled: “Catholic church in St. Louis ropes off unvaccinated members like cattle, bans them from parish hall”.  Do you still think Covid-19 wasn’t politicized?  Are our halls of worship now politized?

Elevate your best,

Darel L. Long

Darel L. Long is a profound and creative entrepreneur who has created several businesses across various industries. He has initiated and managed businesses from scratch and moved them with a substantial growth rate over the years. Currently, his innovative endeavor has created another outstanding business, known as the , which will soon emerge around the same time as his aeronautic venture. Elevated Goods is designed to offer a unique online shopping destination in support of small businesses and the free-market system while supporting patriotic shoppers and causes. In December 2021, Long releases his first book named Parental Alienation Syndrome: She Changed Her Name, and his second book will soon be published. Also, his articles are often posted on this website and @

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