Are you seeking a spirited DEBATE?

The spirit for important arguments is valuable to debate.  Darel L. Long invites opposing ideas and values to debate on video platforms and college campuses. 

Peaceful discourse holds a long-standing tradition within the United States. Additionally, free speech is enshrined in our Constitution as traditional hallmarks of our republic. 

Today’s culture, including college campuses, are replete with so called “woke” intimidation and diverse anti-American values, these individuals hinder free speech, free thinkers, and the spirit of the Constitution. The same can be said of our public and private schools.

While my previous media experience was in RADIO, I often debated live on air the positions I believed in with sincerity and respect.

I love Debate. 

As I began releasing articles, I began receiving overwhelming support from a large majority of emails received.  Some expressed their superior intellect and power and issued unkind words. They demanded I offer a flurry of email replies to nonsensical reasoning. I don’t have time for Anti-American rubbish or endless arguments with little or no value.  Quite simply, arguments that are lacking solutions, or respectful dialogue, I simply categorize these as “Bitch Arguments”.  These are the type of arguments which drains my time and creativity; they will not be engaged and dismissed. 

Few writers are willing to debate opposing views with the standing position of articles provided, such as my own. If you disagree with my position, and willing to debate in a live forum, I will accept such a debate under the following conditions.  My offer is intended to end endless email exchanges in favor of open debate before you and your peers. I’ve debated on live radio politicians from the left and the right, physicians, inventors, scientists, and members from the Communist Party, USA.  I’ve even debated pastors who believe in, and support abortion.  I’m eager to debate local physicians who are in support the vaccines including Presidents of Virginia colleges also regarding mandates. 

  1. You must invite 100 or more to a live debate, usually a video platform.

  2. Various college campus groups may issue an invitation, and the campus must provide security. A campus event must include 200 or more in attendance.

Both 1 & 2 may be scheduled 45-90 days from the date the email is sent.

  1. If a campus or other venue can provide 1000 or more in attendance, including security, I will work with the issuer to schedule as quickly as 30 days from the date the invitation is received via email.

Note: I refuse all fees paid directly to me for DEBATE.  If a fee is paid, I will accept only under the condition the monies are provided to a just cause of my choice, in care of my name. 

Debate Topics:



Bill of Rights and Constitution


Free Enterprise


Mask Mandates

Covid-19 and topics related

Federal Reserve

Parental Alienation


Critical Race Theory

And many more topics


Ready to debate?  Fill out the form and someone will contact you within Five Business days. 


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