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By Darel L. Long
July 24, 2021


Hi there,

I appreciate your visit too my personal webpage.  The expansion of the site is a result for love of our country as I believe my written articles may inspire and clarify local, state, national and world current events. I cover Parental Alienation, Covid-19, Politics, Health and much more.  At times I’ll present “breaking News” usually obtained from Freedom of Information Request.

Many already realize the political left is no longer our grandparents party and have morphed into communist ideologies and nearly every day and week since the stollen election occurred were able to see political actions which spell calamity for our way of life.  My return to media is my attempt to support Life, Liberty and Freedom with personally written articles and soon after a return to radio.

If you’re a friend to Life, Liberty, and Freedom, we are most likely friends without any formal introduction. Please do join my email list for the latest article.

As we move towards the fourth quarter of this year, you will soon find me as guest or guest host on various radio networks across the USA.  A separate page will emerge the middle of December 2021, listing the dates of times of each radio invitation.   As of today, I have 17 committed dates and times. As we move closer to the interviews, or about 15 days from the first interview, I’ll send an email introducing my radio schedule on a new page you can follow.

It’s important to note as a nation were not captives at sea, with a king ordering the captain but rather we must immediately recognize our own birthright to Life, Liberty and Freedom.  Many are fearful during this time we must advance and preserve liberty at every corner, every street, every neighborhood, town city and state and we must advance with a smile on our face without fear of their plunder and destruction.  Our course for liberty must set sail again to echo preservation for liberty against liberal fascism.

Preservation of liberty, free speech, and freedom of religion will defeat the Marxist plans.  In the event our best laid plans fail, we must remember the final chapter in the Bible.  It’s not over until God says so.

Our nation is being destroyed from within with the likes of voter fraud, and an endless spending spree by the government from the left and the right.   This forces dollar devaluation while our peace through strength initiative is being replaced by a Woke military doctrine.  Our nation faces so many problems; and we now face as our school systems are lead astray with Critical Race Theory.  And yet, WE THE PEOPLE are still the answer to the problems we face.

We must not place our faith in one man or women to save our nation but rather WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

Solutions hold value when joined with action; they will provide the cornerstone of advancement and we must be unafraid to be counted in times such as these.

In the coming months I will show WE THE PEOPLE how we can take back the PRESS and many will stand with this BOLD IDEA.  More to come.

As people begin to enjoy the summer, we’re reminded of the propaganda supported by Fauci and his supporters who convinced Health Bureaucrats across our great land to join, support, and act in tandem with the unreliable W.H.O. and Communist China, and the CCP false data which undermined not only the USA but the world.  If you recall, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Fake Doctor Bill Gates wanted our nation to follow the pandemic response from China after Communist China’s tyrannical lockdowns.

Can you help me reach my first goal of 1000 email subscribers quickly? Soon 1000 will turn into 10,000 subscribers and much more.  Join me, I’ll never resell your email information to anyone or company.

Once several free-market ventures are launched, I’m certain you will modify your shopping habits and support a unique patriotic online shopping venture that supports small business loyalty in support of Life, Liberty, and Freedom, it’s called  and Phase 1 has been launched.

I’m not the type of person who needs to be liked by groups found in opposition to Life, Liberty, and Freedom because I’m a free thinker.  I’m willing to debate my positions at any college campus, provided the debate includes at least 100 or more in attendance.  I’ll be glad to debate God Given Rights, Pro-life positions, Free Speech positions, the Free Market, Communism, and a myriad of other topics.  If interested, you can contact me via my DEBATE page.

Friends, loved ones, and supporters of Life, Liberty, and Freedom have often asked me to write and release public articles.  In all honesty, I’ve always preferred the spoken word.  However, some of my private articles have been determined to make a small difference locally and statewide.

If you’re like me, your outraged with propaganda disguised as news.

When I first launched my own website , I originally launched the site as a minimalist one-page design, thus providing business and personal updates only.

 As a former radio host, I’ve always had the passion to share issues not commonly found within local or national news cycles.  At that time, I never wrote articles expressing information and positions found within Life, Liberty and Freedom.

Late last year, I reformatted my website with anticipation of writing articles in support of our freedoms and opposing restrictions.  However, the timing of the release of articles was not possible.

As time passed and the new year began, I became sick with bronchitis.  Soon after, I was hit hard with pneumonia and major ocular issues emerged; recovery has been terribly slow.  The release for my website was once again postponed.

While I was sick, the deluge of conflict within the medical community due to pneumonia was obtuse.  Just like any other time in my life I felt I was getting subpar medical advice and treatment, I fired the first doctor presiding over me regarding respiratory issues.  You should not be afraid to fire your doctor if they provide poor service or demand treatment which is not necessary.

My last primary home page post to my website was focused on mandates and election related issues.  I decided to introduce the home page with my former post.   I’m inviting you to visit  and sign up to receive my email updates.

The site will also update the advances of business plans and I’ll keep you informed for the progress of my first book titled:  Parental Alienation: She Changed Her Name.

Within a few months, my home page will receive a modified update with some new information and my first article will be posted regarding My Own story as it related to Parental Alienation.

My reconnection with former classmates and friends was a realization of the Covid-19 concerns.  My perspective on Covid-19 also dives into data with our kids and the rise in child suicide rates.  It hits home from when I was a young boy, and my own father took his life.  My thoughts have returned to my youth to embrace memories.  I recall so many people who were kind, supportive and helpful at a very dire and dark time.

Originally, my writing was first inspired by my high school English teacher, Mr. Danny Huffman.  He encouraged me to write after reading a short poem I had written and a short story which won third place in a writing entry on a national level for Freshman students.   Now many years later, the seed he planted in my heart during very troubling times has taken root and formed not only my entry into radio, but also writing.  Mr. Huffman’s encouragement helped elevate my own self-worth during those troubling times, and I’ve never forgotten his encouragement.

I hope you will share my work with others, and I hope you enjoy the coming articles.  Some of the articles were written within the last two years and some were forwarded to various governors, senators, and to former President Trump.  Some of these important letters will be released as they speak to our current time.

I realize my articles are in opposition to globalism, and any group who opposes our God Granted rights and freedoms will staunchly oppose my efforts to share.  If that is the case, then so be it.  I will do my best to write one new article or more each week and send a link to them via email first, followed by social media posts.  My articles will always be found on the “Article page.”  If you find a unique news link your welcome to send the link via my contact page and I may post it in the blog section to highlight other writers, news, and independent writers alike.

My thoughts and heart have been near to the issues for the changes I’ve seen during my lifetime.  And while many are fearful, we should be thankful to live in times such as these mainly to elevate others who are fearful, lost, and uncertain.

I write from the position of God Given Rights and preservation of the unborn.  I believe in the high value of America First but opposed the Operation Warp Speed for vaccines.  It perplexed me that former President Trump has taken a pro-choice position for vaccines with the rising death counts created directly by the vaccines.  I believe my coined phrase is relevant: “Be Safe, Read the Ingredients”.

Sign-up to receive email updates as I provide limited “breaking news” originally obtained from various FOIA requests.  I will post about health, parental alienation syndrome, Covid-19, and much more.

To those loved ones who have been supportive and caring: your kindness inspired my best at times when it wasn’t visible to me.

In closing, I am overly excited to share two ventures will be released soon.  One supports patriotic American’s shopping needs named, and your invited to sign-up to receive email updates as the launch date nears.  Equally exciting is my entrance into the aeronautics industry.  There will be more about that later.

Elevate your best,


Darel L. Long


Darel L. Long is a profound and creative entrepreneur who has created several businesses across various industries. He has initiated and managed businesses from scratch and moved them with a substantial growth rate over the years. Currently, his innovative endeavor has created another outstanding business, known as the , which will soon emerge around the same time as his aeronautic venture. Elevated Goods is designed to offer a unique online shopping destination in support of small businesses and the free-market system while supporting patriotic shoppers and causes. In December 2021, Long releases his first book named Parental Alienation: She Changed Her Name, and his second book will soon be published. Also, his articles are often posted on this website and @

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