Lovely 13-year-old dies due to Vaccination.  This vivacious young girl received the jab while in her father’s care. She was kind, loving and full of the joy of living her young life.  

By Darel L. Long
August 21, 2021

The sunshine of love and kindness emanating from a young girl is pure and yields a smile to those close by.  Sheri emitted a special love for humanity or strangers in need.  She often volunteered at a local shelter with her mother, Tatiana.

Sheri passed away in her home, late Tuesday, August 17, 2021, in her mother’s arms.

Nearly two months ago, the vaccine calamity began for this young girl.   Sheri’s adoptive father had threatened to get their daughter vaccinated.  Sheri had no health issues and was in excellent health.  Her parents were in a bitter custody battle.  Her mother was actively seeking full custody to avoid her former husband from vaccinating Sheri.  During that fateful weekend when he had his court appointed time, he informed Tatiana he decided to vaccinate Sheri, and called to say she was having a reaction to the vaccination.  She was taken to the hospital, and hours later began having cognitive dysfunction and heart pain.  Thereafter, she was placed on life support.  Tatiana was faced with the realization her only daughter would never awaken but was hopeful for a turn around.

A few days after Sheri was placed in ICU, her condition temporalty improved. Tatiana convened with the medical professionals to promote in home care.  They were reluctant to join her wishes, but ultimately acquiesced.

At first, Sheri’s ability to speak was mostly nonexistent.  However, a few days later she was able to play UNO and hold her mother’s hand.  They communicated with her head yes or no.

Her cat and dog laid beside her nearly day and night.  Sheri could be seen rubbing both her pets.

A few days after Sheri returned home, she was rushed to the hospital where her neurologist discovered severe damage, which he had never seen before.  Weeks passed with hope followed by disappointment.  Sheri was a very sick little girl.

As her condition stabilized, she returned home for care, where she laid nearly unresponsive.

Tatiana mentioned, “At times, when I spoke to Sheri, her facial expressions confirmed she could hear me but wasn’t able to talk.  Other times, when I sat in the bed with her, I would hold her hand and she would grasp mine.

The last ten minutes Tatiana spent with her daughter, Sheri spoke.  According to her, “I had spent the entire day in her room, either laying in the bed with her, while reading to her.  I was talking to her with no verbal reply from her.   When the nurse arrived, I decided to go to the kitchen to eat a late-night snack.  Rufus, our dog, ran into the kitchen and whimpered to get my attention.  I knew something was wrong.  When I arrived in her room, she was struggled with the IV in her arm, and the nurse was trying to restrain her.  I told the nurse to let go and remove the IV temporarily.  Soon after, my daughter became lucid and was able to speak for the first time since she received the vaccination.  She said, ‘Mom, my heart hurts and I have a headache. It’s going to be ok.  Don’t be angry, and don’t blame Dad.  I’ve heard you talking to me every day. I tried and could not wake up to tell you.  Mom, thank you for being my Mom, and thank you for all of my animals.  Please take care of them.  Mom, you were right, there is a heaven, but I wanted to make sure you knew how much I love you and don’t be afraid.’  Soon after this, my daughter stopped talking and she laid quietly in my arms with her eyes open, and a smile while holding my hand.  Then her eyes closed.  Her dog, Rufus, began to whine and soon after, she slipped off asleep in my arms forever more.”

Sheri’s pulmonologist and neurologist affirm the vaccination was the direct reason for hospitalization and death.

Tatiana will soon bury her only daughter because of evil politics pertaining to this vaccination.  There is no just and truthful science in support of an experimental vaccine with no long term trials, no matter how they twist the information.

Sheri was a young leader in her community who saw the plight of the less fortunate, and she took action to provide her remedy by volunteering.  Her skill set as a young violinist placed her in first chair. She loved playing Kenny G, on the soprano saxophone and was the youngest musician I’ve known of to use circular breathing; she was truly gifted. She was also a leader at church camps.  Academically, she’s a straight A student and last year began homeschooling.  To Tatiana’s credit, she was tested at Junior level scholastics, and planned on attending college online next year as a 14-year-old.

Tatiana has been an amazing mother and my prayers are with her and her family.

According to Tatiana, she intends to warn others the Trump/Biden Vaccine killed her daughter, but for now she needs peace and pass this treachery of loss.

Beloved family members and I will miss Sheri who was a bright star filled with possibilities, hopes, and much love for all.

She’s one of God children who is now with Him, and perfectly healed. Our lives were improved with the gracious love from Sheri.

Caring thoughts,


Darel L. Long





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