Site Updates: new Debate Page Launched

By Darel L. Long
August 9, 2021


Today, I’ve released a new site feature labeled “Debate”. You can find this new feature at the top of the page with a new tab listed as “Debate”. You can also find the same tab at the bottom of the site located at the footer, and lastly found on the “article page”, at the bottom of the section called “Site Updates”.


The new page was launched to reduce my time answering hideous and disrespectful remarks found within a sea of positive remarks from those who support Life, Liberty, and Freedom.


I’m willing to defend my personally written articles among socialist, communist, and other bad actors in any classroom, including college campuses, with professors, and health professionals, as well as Presidents of “Woke” Companies and Colleges.


If given the opportunity, I will defend Free Speech, The Unborn, Free Enterprise, and Freedom.  I will gracefully and skillfully crush anyone who stands on the podium in opposition to me for debate. 


I invite you to visit the new page. 


Elevate your best,


Darel L. Long


Darel L. Long is a profound and creative entrepreneur who has created several businesses across various industries. He has initiated and managed businesses from scratch and moved them with a substantial growth rate over the years. Currently, his innovative endeavor has created another outstanding business, known as the , which will soon emerge around the same time as his aeronautic venture. Elevated Goods is designed to offer a unique online shopping destination in support of small businesses and the free-market system while supporting patriotic shoppers and causes. In December 2021, Long releases his first book named Parental Alienation: She Changed Her Name, and his second book will soon be published. Also, his articles are often posted on this website and @

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