Suffering and Good Fortune

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By Darel L. Long

July 7, 2021


As in my own life, if you’re challenged by near impossible odds to overcome the situation at hand, the best solution should be to embrace peaceful options, then take positive action and eventually your standing will be elevated.  You must not be paralyzed by fear but embrace a solid solution to move forward.  You may want to review your plan or idea with a competent and creative lawyer.  You must remember not all lawyers are great, and many provide poor advice. You should always work with the best lawyer you can afford; someone who provides positive resolve on many levels.  I’ve worked with many lawyers and three of them provided horrible advice which created additional and unwarranted conflict. They created the chaos and turned their backs on the problems they created with false information. Their bad advice cost me a small fortune, not counting the time and additional heart aches involved to remedy their mistakes.

After a long and bitter custody case, which primarily lasted six years and three months, it was extended during additional conflict.  I’m still dealing with the mess and the total conflict exceeded 22 years amid on- again off-again spikes of conflict.  My hopes and dreams nearly ended several times.  During 2014-2015, successful plans to help me emerge to payoff ruthless people were made possible from a BIG IDEA.  The primary ruthless people were paid off in January 2019.  The bad actors left a vortex of chaos, and the impacts from them prolonged and created near impossible odds for me to overcome.  At that time, two different lawyers promoted the idea to bankrupt all debt, both private and medical, but I declined.  If it wasn’t for important free market efforts, the solutions to my endless financial issues resulting from my prolonged custody case may not have been possible.

The endless conflict left many issues created directly from loan sharks, who removed funds from me by force, was an extremely negative life I once lived.  The use of loan sharks became necessary both prior to and during the discovery of my former spouse who participated in a form of “family abuse” known as “Parental Alienation Syndrome”.  Later, my former spouse would be promoted to the Director of Counseling which only supports the frequent accolade that “bad folks are often promoted”. Regardless of the conflict, paying off the money to loan sharks was made possible from options and real-estate opportunities primarily cultivated from various regions from overseas.  

More recently, before the Covid-19 hysteria, I had planned to resolve all debt, including medical debt.  In February 2020, various real-estate closings located overseas were delayed, not because of my fervent efforts, but rather buyers and sellers across the world became locked down from their own respective governments.

After the Covid-19 delays, the next monumental improvement regarding deals from overseas occurred September 15, 2020.  At that time, I announced an estimated timeline to settle the contract. To further complicate matters the seller couldn’t travel due to restrictions from their country of origin. Further, “registration of the property” in that region was delayed due to their own Covid-19 restrictions, and thus slowed final payout.  The US differs from various nations regarding real estate ownership.  The US system for real estate property is commonly known as ‘title” which grants the ownership of real estate of personal property. In the case of real estate, the title is evidenced by a deed recorded in the county land records office. Other nations use other legal privileges of real estate ownership.  The regions I focus on, I use a myriad of closings more common to registration of land.  The registration of land has also had its own set of Covid-19 delays. 

Another complication occurs when a buyer or seller is waiting on the sale of another property to close on the deal they wish to purchase.  Secondly, when dealing with overseas properties, foreign currency holds become another part of stagnation of a real estate deal.  When you combine six week holds for checks, and often two weeks to receive funds or documentation, a foreign based real estate deal can take a long time to receive the final net profits.

Expecting a streamlined closing during this pandemic is nearly impossible unless all parties agree to utilize direct bank transfers.  When dealing with an older clientele of buyers or sellers, it’s not likely to occur as they prefer paper checks vs digital transfers.

The “registration of the property” in foreign lands can also add to the delay of final payment received. 

To be successful in real estate stateside or overseas, you must maintain a pipeline of pending deals.  The success and profitability can be enormous, however, the pandemic has disrupted building supplies, sellers and buyer’s availability which is based on location of property, and location of the actual buyer and sellers, as it pertains to communist leaning government mandates.  This is happening right here in the good old USA, and abroad all under the name of “SAFETY.”

Now to understand the final sequence of events, my buyer had to wait until his family sold a vacation home located in Italy.  He then had to wait for the cheque to be mailed and received and then he deposited the money on April 20, 2021.

Now that I’m aware of his deposit, it’s now much easier to determine good fortune from this opportunity.  His cheque will be available to him in six weeks.  When it clears, he will be away for just over a week.  He expects to send his cheque for purchase of my property on or around June 15, 2021.  The cheque will arrive in the West Indies late June, 2021.  He’s committed to sending a cheque for purchase of my offer in the West Indies; the lawyer deposit my buyer’s cheque on July 6, 2021. Since the buyer sent a cheque paid from the nation of Bahrain the check will clear August 19, 2021.  Finally, a closing is near and tentatively set for August 31, 2021.  My cheque will be sent approximately by September 10, 2021, and a tentative deposit on September 13, 2021.  As part of good fortune, my net profit will clear on or about October 25, 2021. 

Hopefully, the Chinese Virus will no longer affect new business and transactions in my pipeline, and if not, I’m confident to state I will be okay as other enterprises emerge to limit disruptions from real estate. 

As I see it, when great ideas occur to overcome major problems, then it’s possible to take on near impossible odds.  I’m thankful to overcome major obstacles which have mostly been a ripple effect from Parental Alienation Syndrome and former major health issues. I credit this to God, tenacity, determination, divine inspiration, faith, action, and helpful ideas. I’m thankful for those who cheered my efforts and offered prayers when I was at my lowest point.  I appreciate them very much.


Elevate your best,







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